The Porcarelli Group, with over 150 employees and is the result of a project in which Mr. Gino Porcarelli and his sons, who have believed and worked for over 40 years.

Born as an extension and adaptation to market requirements of the existing sole proprietorship, is now one of the most important center of Italy managed for quantity, vehicles, equipment and technology available.

It's not a coincidence if large local and national companies have decided to use our services.

We move every year, we manage to recover and send large amounts of waste that otherwise would be to increase the increasingly crowded landfills.

That those who choose to work in harmony with nature and its delicate balance lies in Group Porcarelli a traveling companion and best in all of us who are part of an aid to manage the recovery of waste materials in an intelligent way (waste paper, plastic waste, etc..), so that thousands of tons of waste, can, come on the market in the form of new paper, iron, wood panels and plastic objects, for the benefit of better waste management - and for the benefit of the environment ' entire community.

The increase in the number of customers and expansion in recent years, the range and quality of services provided, the Company took the top choice of significant investments in terms of resources, facilities and human resources resulting in a reorganization to ensure, to the same customers, the punctuality, professionalism and efficiency in the performance of services, which have always distinguished us.
The result of this reorganization was a breakdown of activities in four areas, each assigned to a Group Company.
Four separate and distinct companies, but united by the values ​​of honesty and dedication of Mr. Gino Porcarelli founder of the homonymous company forty years ago and passed down through her children to all Group employees.

Gruppo PorcarelliGruppo PorcarelliGruppo PorcarelliGruppo Porcarelli  Gruppo PorcarelliGruppo PorcarelliGruppo PorcarelliGruppo Porcarelli


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GRUPPO PORCARELLI Via di Rocca Cencia, 273 - 00132 Roma
Tel. 06.220241 fax 06.2262462 info@porcarelli.com

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