Promote ourselves as a partner for those who are daily confronted with the problem of waste management, the large company to small producers.

Men, equipment and vehicles at your service for proper waste management.

Efficiency, quality and speed, coordinated by a team of professionals aware of their responsibilities towards the client, the environment.

To each their own work. We in 40 years we have gained experience and professionalism to be made available to those who want to manage their waste properly, rationally and without waste of resources.

To satisfy the needs of our customers, the Group Porcarelli can also offer services such as Rodent control, Clean it the waterworks and sewer.

Gruppo Porcarelli Gruppo Porcarelli Gruppo Porcarelli

Gruppo Porcarelli Gruppo Porcarelli Gruppo Porcarelli 

Gruppo Porcarelli Gruppo Porcarelli Gruppo Porcarelli

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GRUPPO PORCARELLI Via di Rocca Cencia, 273 - 00132 Roma
Tel. 06.220241 fax 06.2262462 info@porcarelli.com

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