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The Porcarelli Gino & C. Company may be considered a mother company of all Porcarelli Group subsidiaries .

It was founded in 1989 by Gino Porcarelli and his sons, as time passed by, have continued the tradition of complete devotion in waste paper processing and its valorizations that characterized the pre-existing individual company.

The regulations’ developments and the market demands have led us to the decision to embark on new challenge, that is, the processing of plastic, iron, wood and other recyclable wastes, that today represent the main company’s activity.

Our plant operates on the space of more than 10000 square meters, of which 3000 are covered, where the process of selection, sorting, volumetrical adjustment and forwarding to the recovery plants of recyclable wastes take place.

The available equipment allows us to transport, select, segregate and recover up to 90000 tons of waste annually.

The plant can collocate recyclable waste of Companies that are authorized as the producers or/and transporters of wastes.

 Porcarelli Gino & Co Porcarelli Gino & Co Porcarelli Gino & Co

 Porcarelli Gino & Co Porcarelli Gino & Co

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Our company has obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. All of us who are part of it, we set a continuous improvement of the quality of our services and our products without neglecting the importance of giving our customers and ourselves that guarantee of quality and professionalism that characterizes us.


GRUPPO PORCARELLI Via di Rocca Cencia, 273 - 00132 Roma
Tel. 06.220241 fax 06.2262462 info@porcarelli.com

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