Eco Ge. Ri srl is one of the companies of Porcarelli Group and it is specialized in waste plastic processing.

Taking up an area of 33.000 square meters, situated in the industrial zone of Finale Emilia (MO), the company carries on its activity of waste recovery and treatment directed towards the production of LDPE granules through the process of recycling and regeneration of plastic waste of agricultural origin (greenhouse sheets mulching sheets, hoses, bags in polyethylene, sheets for the coverage of fodder plants), but also of industrial and constructing origin (packages, discarded materials) and finally from the differential collection.

The structural characteristics of the plant, that has been recently modernized, together with the technical capacity of the workers make Eco Ge.Ri. Srl one of the very few Italian companies capable of recycling and processing the plastic waste of agricultural origin, waste, one may add, of strong environmental impact.

The company constitutes a part of POLIECO consortium for the recovery of polyethylene materials.

The company is structured in a way to guarantee the achievement of the levels of recovery and recycle of plastic defined by the European Union. Its efficiency is directed towards the liberation of the resources that leads to further growth of the proper sector (energy savings through co-generation and photovoltaic effect).

Granulazione e riciclo materie plasticheGranulazione e riciclo materie plasticheGranulazione e riciclo materie plastiche

Granulazione e riciclo materie plasticheGranulazione e riciclo materie plastiche

PoliecoOur company has initiated a process of certification ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 with the self-obligation to enter the world of companies that operate with the Quality Certificate that guaranties the quality of their products and services. A goal on which we are working as it will represent a proof of our dedication and of valid work we have done till now, also it will definitely be a strong stimulus for further improvements, an important step from which will benefit our clients, our company, but most of all the environment.

ECO.GE.RI s.r.l.
Sede Amministrativa e stabilimento:
Via Napoli,12 - 41034 Finale Emilia (MO) Tel 0535.760605 fax 0535.98427

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