The waste management

The waste management is intended as the organization of all the necessary operations and as the control of the whole process of treatment of waste material, from the phase of production till the ordinance in the plant where it undergoes the operations of recovery and disposal.

The main goal of the correct management is the reduction of the effects on the human health and the environment through an accurate and prudent choice of plants of destination that are capable of valorizing waste and guarantee safe production systems.

However, managing wastes in a correct and rational way today, means also aiming at a considerable reduction of costs of waste disposal. We optimize the transport using authorized vehicles and adequate equipment , that is to favor the recycle and the differentiation at the disposal plant or at the waste- to- energy plant. Vehicles and equipment are the elements that can make a difference as far as the supported cost of the waste management is concerned. Consequently we have a vast range of transport means and a vast choice of collection and storage equipment that render us competitive in the market. 

Our idea of waste management is to offer our clients a final product, engaging our experience in the choice of most adequate equipment, means of transport and plants that offer the best quality/price relationship. Our company offers an assistance for all the law obligations that have to be applied by the producers according to present regulations. We guarantee assistance regarding all information of legal or technical kind in reference to the environmental matters thanks to our internal office with staff that is constantly updated through training courses.

  • An inspection with the data acquisition for the individualization of the activities performed and production processes that give space to the waste production.

  • The classification and possible description of different types of waste material

  • The analysis of the production flow in order to optimize the collection and the waste movement

  • The planning of the waste collection systems

  • The identification of the destination areas that will serve as storage zones

  • The activation of the scheduled services

  • The monthly rapports aimed at the analysis of the collection trends


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