Equipment rental for waste collection

A correct recovery process depends on a correct collection system.

We are capable to provide an appropriate equipment for the elaboration and provisional storage of waste. We offer waste containers of different dimensions from 4 up to 40mc, with or without a lid of hydraulic closure or lateral/rear door.

Compactors for the collection of plastic, paper, wood, of 10 and 20 mc capacity with electro-hydraulic systems.

Stationary presses with electro-hydraulic systems and interchangeable containers.

Containers made of plastic and cardboard for the micro waste collection or nonreturnable hospital waste collection, barrels in metal and plastic for the used oils and sealed containers for liquid dangerous and non-dangerous waste.

Tip-up fixed baskets with or without wheels, big bags, and all the other products required for the correct packing of waste. We also have 4 vehicles equipped with hydraulic spider with biting bucket for the collection directly at the production site, where the deposition is massive. 

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