Waste transport

Our transport activity has already become a national wide. Thanks to our logistics and commercial office managed by expert and efficient staff we are able to guarantee our clients the promptness and efficiency of actions. Due to our vast range of means of transport we are capable of serving clients that vary from small producers to big industries.

Our company was admitted to the National Register of Environmental Managers for the urban, dangerous and non-dangerous waste collection and transport.

The vehicles park is composed of more than 60 vehicles among which big and medium trucks, reclining, balanced and unit lorries with trailers, vans for the micro-collection, gully suckers, all equipped in conformity to the ADR regulations, they permit to perform any kind of local or national transport.

Thanks to our commercial net we provide services and assistance to construction firms and industries for transport and conferment at the centers of storage and/or disposal of the biological and industrial mud, waste destined to a thermo - valorization and any other typology deriving from the process of production. 

We provide service and assistance to constructing firms and individuals for the transport and sending to the recovery or/and disposal of soil and rocks, construction and demolition waste, but also constructing material containing asbestos.

We carry out the transport of liquid and solid waste subjected to ARD regulations. 

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