Restoration polluted sites

The uncontrolled abandoning of waste represents one of the principal problems for the environment, but what is more, it leads to the contamination of hazardous substances.

Accidental o voluntary abandoning of waste material can provoke irreparable damage to vegetation, fauna and ground waters , so it is necessary to intervene with rapidness and professionalism.

For this reason we have decided to create a complementary, to our main activities, organizational structure that dedicates technological means and human resources to all types of environmental restoration. 
  • recovery of dismissed sites
  • controlled demolition of private and industrial real estates
  • exportation of cumbersome waste material
  • restoration of polluted sites
  • dismissing and assuring the asbestos coverage
  • soil rainbowing
  • recovery of green spaces
These are some of our services offered in order to give back to the vast areas and parks what humans have taken away from them. 


Logistica Ambietale srl is not only a waste management company , but it also carries out environmental sanitation, disinfestations and rodent controls.

Thanks to our highly specialized staff and the usage of high quality products we manage to fight, in the most efficient way, the proliferation of mice, rats, cockroaches, roaches, flies, wasps, hornets, mosquitoes, ants, fleas, mites, ticks, scorpions, rodents, crawling and flying insects and bacteria.

Due to our accurate inspections we are capable to identify the typology of the infestation and predict the possible proliferation , assuring our clients a made-to –measure service.

The treatments can be carried out on the inside of closed spaces (schools, hospitals, offices, habitations, restaurants, etc.) and on the outside spaces (warehouses, parks, dumping grounds), on emergency call or as a programmed service. We are using rigorously certified products that respect the environment and guarantee a rapid action on insects. 


The activity of our consulting staff begins with the experience gained in this sector and evolves in a continuous way through the refresher courses, specialized journals, web sites and associations of the category that promptly inform us about the events and evolutions that take place in the world of waste management.

The service includes, a part from the assistance for all that belongs to the national and EU regulation regarding waste matter, the provision, authentication and the keeping of the charge and discharge registers, the annual compilation of report on the waste produced (MUD) and the assistance in the head office of the client in case of controls on the part of competent authorities.


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LOur company has obtained ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certification and entered the world of companies that operate with the Quality Certificate that guaranties the quality of their products and services. A goal on which we were working hard and that fully represents our dedication and valid work we have done till now, another guarantee for our present clients and an important message to our future clients. 


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