Paper waste delivered to our treatment plant comes mainly from separate collection centres, production plants, and commercial activities, as well as selective collection, typographical setting up, and publishing waste. Cardboards 

All producers and waste transporters that hold the necessary transport authorisations can deliver such waste. The work cycle starts with a documentation and quality check of the waste delivered, checking that it is covered by our authorisations. Subsequently, the paper waste is stored in specific areas before being put into the selection plant’s work cycle, where specialist workers see to removing any parts that cannot be recycled and selecting groups of the same goods types. The volume of the waste selected is reduced using hydraulic presses that are used for packaging it. 

For some types of products, before packing the material must be shredded in order to facilitate the compacting of it. The product obtained is subjected to further quality control and is stowed, ready to be sent to the paper mills.


Because despite it being biodegradable, the use of inks, coatings, halogenated compounds and toxic metals make it harmful to the ecosystem if it is disposed of incorrectly. Because paper that can be pulped accounts for 40% of the volume of waste to be disposed of, and so enormous volumes are kept away from dumpsites. 
Because recycling paper that can be pulped makes it possible to significantly reduce the use of cellulose in production processes, and the number of trees felled is reduced (even if they are grown for this purpose). 

Since a Law was issued in 1997 (Legislative Decree N° 389 of 08.11.98), the Ministry for the Environment has urged Public Administrations to use recycled paper for the material they consume, but that’s not all. Using recycled products means supporting the recovery of the waste they would generate and removing it from legal dumpsites, illegal dumpsites, and ecosystems, which benefits the environment and all of us. 
Thinking ecologically means becoming an active part of recovery and recycling, whether you use recycled paper for your own printer, your own office, or your own Company. No contribution is too small or too large.

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 Ricicla Centro Italia Ricicla Centro Italia Ricicla Centro Italia Ricicla Centro Italia

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 Ricicla Centro Italia


Those who work in the world of waste, more than anyone else, have to provide some guarantee of correct Environmental Management and document such. In this regard, from the outset our Company’s goal has been to obtain ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. 
We have had our Company certified, and now we will move on to certify our products in order to provide even more guarantees of quality. 

ISO 14001 Certification 

ISO 9001 Certification


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