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Our process of working and regeneration has been conceived thanks to our experience gained during the treatment of plastic waste of agricultural origin (mainly greenhouse sheets) and by bearing in mind the difficulties related to the removal of pollution elements, such as soil, clay and sands.

Not only have we invested the resources in that difficult sector, in which our plant represents a unique alternative to a traditional discharge plant, but we also updated our structure and our production process, by using particular systems of purification and wash, obtaining a high quality product that can be reduced down to 20 microns of thickness.

The initial phase of the treatment is based on clipping and a pre-wash, indispensible in the preparation of the product, followed by the central phase of grinding, washing and drying with hot air produced by the co-generator with a system of whirls fed by methane, till obtaining a LDPE leaf with =3% of moisture. The cycle concludes with the phase of regeneration through the passage in the extruder and the cutting for the production of the LDPE granules in black and amber.

Granulazione e riciclo materie plasticheGranulazione e riciclo materie plasticheGranulazione e riciclo materie plastiche

Granulazione e riciclo materie plasticheGranulazione e riciclo materie plastiche


Our company has initiated a process of certification ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 with the self-obligation to enter the world of companies that operate with the Quality Certificate that guaranties the quality of their products and services. A goal on which we are working as it will represent a proof of our dedication and of valid work we have done till now, also it will definitely be a strong stimulus for further improvements, an important step from which will benefit our clients, our company, but most of all the environment. 

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