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Our company recycles about 12000 tons of waste annually from these we obtain approximately 8000 tones of secondary raw material in conformity with UNIPLAST 10667 regulations, that is, black and amber plastic granules.

This secondary raw material is used in the production of pipes, type C, P and U bags, sheets for agriculture, ecc.

Approximately a third of the raw material produced is used in our production of RSU bags, thanks to the reduction process, assuring in that manner “the guarantee of the recycle” and taking care of the entire waste cycle, from its production to regeneration and re-emission on the market as a finished product.

Our main production is of bags for communities (hospitals, hotels, canteen, collage, supermarkets, markets, ecc.) The bags are generally produced in different sizes and grammage and normally employed where there is a need of very resistant bags for the collection of elevated volumetrical mass.

The bags are produced of 100% polyethylene and may be, on demand, colored with non- toxic colors: black, covering blue, transparent blue, covering white, transparent white, transparent grey, covering violet, transparent violet, covering yellow, transparent yellow.

Granulazione e riciclo materie plasticheGranulazione e riciclo materie plasticheGranulazione e riciclo materie plastiche

Granulazione e riciclo materie plasticheGranulazione e riciclo materie plastiche


Our company has initiated a process of certification ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 with the self-obligation to enter the world of companies that operate with the Quality Certificate that guaranties the quality of their products and services. A goal on which we are working as it will represent a proof of our dedication and of valid work we have done till now, also it will definitely be a strong stimulus for further improvements, an important step from which will benefit our clients, our company, but most of all the environment. 

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